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The BucketList Project

What is The Bucketlist Project?

'The Bucketlist Project' is your personalized guide to uncovering Bangalore's hidden gems, exciting activities, and cultural delights. It's a community-driven platform where you can create, share, and experience the city's best with fellow enthusiasts.

How It Works

You can submit your Bucketlist item by clicking on the “start my adventure” button. Your entry will be posted on Instagram page on the upcoming Saturday and will be up for voting. If your bucketlist item gets the most polls, team will work on planning the event and get in touch with you and connect you to other likeminded people who are interested to participate in fulfilling your bucketlist item. team will be charging a fee if the activity involved involves a cost.

Why Join The Bucketlist Project?

  1. Rediscover the City: Experience Bangalore's dynamic culture, diverse attractions, and rich heritage with a fresh perspective.

  2. Community: Build connections with local explorers who share your enthusiasm for the city's experiences.

  3. Inspiration: Discover fresh ideas and inspirations as you explore the bucket lists of fellow adventurers.

  4. Support: Receive guidance, insights, and camaraderie from like-minded individuals as you tick off items on your Bangalore bucket list.

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