Here are a few frequently asked questions about the brand and events.

What is special about TheBunch.ai events?

TheBunch.ai events allow only 20 people to the event and it is an exclusive invite only event where the host curates the list to ensure people are of the same mindset and seeking genuine friendship. The activities are set to ensure everyone gets to meet everyone.

How many people do you allow to the event and do you maintain a gender ratio?

TheBunch.ai allows only 20 people to the event. We do not maintain 1:1 Gender ratio but it will be near that.

Do you provide refunds?

We provide refund only if the cancellation is before 72 hours. Any cancellation within 72 hours will not be refundable.

How do I get an invite for the event?

Once you register, you will receive an acknowledgement email of your registration via email. After the initial screening based on your registration, you will be reached out via Whatsapp seeking your availability for a phone call. Based on the phone call, you will be getting a comfirmation email if accepted.