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Speed Friendship Bengaluru 1.0

Speed Friendship Bengaluru

Saturday, 16 Dec12:30 pm onwards ( 3 hours )
Event will be hosted in English. Limited to 20 seats.

Prepare to turbocharge your social life with Speed Friendship, an exclusive event designed to ignite instant and lively connections. This unique gathering promises to rev up your social circle, providing participants with an opportunity to connect in a flash. To gain access to this exciting event, interested individuals must secure an invitation, and upon acceptance of their registration, they are required to transfer a fee. Early birds have the chance to grab their spot for ₹749, while general access is available at ₹999. This fee ensures a dynamic and engaging experience, guaranteeing that attendees are committed to fostering genuine connections during this high-energy social affair.

Speed Friendship is not your ordinary social gathering; it's a curated event where attendees can expect to experience the thrill of meeting new people and forming instant connections. The invitation-only format ensures a select and diverse group of participants, creating an environment conducive to meaningful interactions. By requiring a registration fee, the event organizers emphasize the value and commitment needed to participate, attracting individuals genuinely interested in expanding their social network. Whether you're an early bird taking advantage of the discounted ₹899 fee or opting for general access at ₹999, the investment promises a vibrant and memorable experience.

The registration fee serves as a filter, ensuring that only those serious about forging connections participate in Speed Friendship. This fee not only covers the event's logistics but also contributes to the exclusivity of the gathering. Attendees can anticipate a seamless and well-organized event, thanks to the financial commitment required during the registration process. By offering different pricing tiers, organizers accommodate various preferences and budgets, making the event accessible to a broad audience eager to enhance their social lives. Speed Friendship stands as a testament to the notion that genuine connections are worth the investment of both time and resources.

In a world where digital interactions often dominate, Speed Friendship brings back the excitement of face-to-face connections. The event's emphasis on speed reflects the fast-paced nature of modern life, allowing participants to make the most of their time and form connections quickly. With an exclusive guest list and a registration fee signaling dedication, Speed Friendship ensures a memorable and dynamic social experience, leaving attendees with not only new connections but also a renewed enthusiasm for building relationships in the real world.

Rev up your social circle at Speed Friendship! Connect in a flash and vibrant connections. The event is an invite only and once you registration is accepted; attendee should transfer a fee of ₹749 (Early bird) & General access at ₹999.